Monday, 24 December 2007

Fantastic List of Top Tips for Reporting Services

As ive begun digging deep into Reporting Services for a new project ive been hunting around for good resources. In doing so came across this list of extremely well put together tips, tricks and best practices.

Some great things in here that i will be definitely putting to good use.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Silverlight Streaming Video Portal Site

If your into the new "thing" which is social networking sites using video - like youtube, then checkout the new Guidance Starter kit from Microsoft and Vertigo - Video.Show. Its the next installment in the .Show family.

All you need is to go to codeplex and download the kit.

To build you will need VS2008. Other things required are ht latest Silverlight install, Expression Encoder and a FREE Silverlight Streaming account from Microsoft. With this you get 700Kbps and 4GB bandwidth.

A great little setup to get you going with Silverlight Streaming!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

4.5 Hours FREE Silverlight Training + FREE Expression Blend/Web and Design Training is offering an excellent package of FREE training for Silverlight. Over 4.5 hours covering the basics, right up to producing a fully featured media player.

Ive gone through the training and found it to be excellent - and its totally free!

FREE Silverlight Training

Also on is a batch of FREE Expression Blend, Web and design training. Ive yet to do this but as soon as i have some free time its on my list.

Another good free resource for Expression web is This site was put together by the same guys that did - again very good.