Thursday, 11 November 2010

My Idea for Microsoft Kinect - A Virtual World Just Like Lawnmower Man

Remember the film Lawnmower Man where the guy went into a virtual world? See the bottom of this post for the trailer. Well maybe Microsoft Kinect could fetch something like this to the masses.

I've been having a think about the sort of games that could work well with this technology and when you think about how it can recognise you and your voice, understands depth, motion and your mood etc. then why not create a virtual world.

Everthing I have seen up to now has involved everyone jumping up and down infront of the TV. But what if you put on a set of TV glasses and the Kinect placed you in the center of the game? If you held your hand up infront of your face Kinect could show your hand right there infront of you via the screen! Freaky! :o)

Developers etc will obviously have to get to grips with the platform but wow this thing could be huge. You could interact with people/characters/other players on xbox live right there in the game all in a virtual world.

You could also use the platform to create your own 'self' in someone elses system over xbox live for video/face to face chat! This again will be amazing but freaky but I can see it happening.

And how about a good old punch up game where you actually have a ruck with your friends in this virtual world. I dont know the quality of the depth sensor to be able to make out facial features but with some image wizardry im sure a half decent image of a person coudl be overlayed onto the virtual person.

I do wonder about safety though if you start wearing glasses and wondering aroudn this virtual world. A shin into a non virtual coffee table wouldn't be too clever.

I've not got the new Kinect yet and think it will go on the xmas list. I was quite excited by the Natal videos several months ago but had forgotten about it really since. However after looking at it more today im quite looking forward to having a play and seeing just where this puppy goes! Looking at the messages on twitter and facebook it seems people are giving it the thumbs up!

I know one thing for sure anyway... it wont be difficult to lay your hands on a Wii this xmas! They will be ten a penny on fleabay!

Anyway - heres lawnmowerman which was a pretty good film at the time....