Friday, 23 October 2009

American airlines wifi promotion code for gogo wifi internet

If you are flying on american airlines before new years eve 2009 and the plane has wifi you should be able to use this promotion code to get free wifi on a mobile device. I dont think it works for laptops but you can try it. I used it via my iphone.

Its fantastic being able to fly and surf! In fact i am flying right now as i post this blog entry! :-)

here is the code folks! Enjoy....


Monday, 12 October 2009

My blog makes the mile high club!

I am blogging 35,000 feet above Chicago on my iphone using wifi internet on an american airlines flight to San Diego from Chicago. I must say its fantastic and its just like when you got to send your first ever email for some reason. Its a bit of a novelty but pretty soon I'm sure all planes will offer it. Best of all its free at the moment as a trial.

The price going forward looks to be $7.95. If i was on a long flight its deffo a great time killer to ease the boredom! This is the second part of our journey from the UK. I wish we had it coming over the pond! 8 hours is a drag.

I even tried a skype call. We managed a few words but it kept dropping out. Not to worry though because the Internet flies!

Off to try some YouTube streaming now!!! :-)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Have You Ever Thought of Making Money Online Utilising Your Existing Development Skills?

As you are a reader of this blog then there is a pretty good chance you have some involvement with software development or web development. If not, don't worry as it may be very useful for you too.

What I would like to know is have you ever asked yourself the question:

"What if there was a way for me to earn some extra money online utilising my existing skill set?"

As you already probably realise there are hundreds upon thousands of people making a living online. You may therefore be quite surprised that a lot of these people are doing nothing more than blogging and building lists of readers in order to do this.

Surprised? - I was!

Assuming you are a developer or techy person of some sort, I would like to maybe open you eyes to the surprisingly simply ways to making some extra money online doing nothing more than simply utilising what you already know AND by using totally free methods.

Many people making money online often started out with zero knowledge about the Internet and many of them still have a very small amount of knowledge about its actual 'workings'. Coming from the techy side of things you will already have a massive leg-up in the knowledge stakes. All you need to do is learn how to leverage those skills to make money online.

There are many ways to make money online and these are the key business models as I see it:

1. You do work for someone to provide a service such as creating a website, artwork, software etc.

2. You sell/promote other peoples product and take a cut of the commission when it sells (this is affiliate marketing).

3. You put things such as AdSense and banners on your website to drive traffic to other peoples websites.

4. You train people to be able to do things themselves to learn how to work online (coaching)

5. You sell your own product or service online.

Personally, I have focused on affiliate marketing and AdSense and have experienced varied levels of success. It is also these two areas that I feel you should really look into too!!

Over a period of several months I had been trying to get my head around it all in between my day job and hectic life but it was not until recently that I actually 'got it' and things started clicking into place. The person I have to thank for this is David Bocock.

Until 2 months ago I had never heard of David and I actually came across him by accident whilst reading some Internet marketing forums.

I had already tried several courses (unsuccessfully) and although I understood what it was telling me I had trouble joining the dots so to speak. I was getting really fed up with trying to make things work and decided to give David a shot as my last chance saloon. All I can say is I am so glad I did.

David'd course is so cheap (just $29) I can't get over how good it is! The value for money is simply amazing. For less than the price of good self teach book he provides over 15 hours of video training - and this is constantly expanding as he adds new ones. You are taken from the basics all the way through everything you need to know.

You may still be wondering how this could possibly benefit you? Well just imagine for a moment what learning these simple techniques to do for you? What could a bit of extra cash a month help with? Money towards bills? Eating out at a nice restaurant? Funding a deposit on a new car or house? The possibilities are endless.

You may be thinking you already have a decent income and don't need to do this. Well I can understand you feeling that way but what if I told you that from applying just ONE of the simple techniques I learnt in David's course to a blog that I own I am now making 8-10 sales per month consistently from a single blog post? This is now running on auto pilot and will do for the foreseeable future.

Those sales are now paying for my car and home insurance. That money is now freed up to be used for other 'fun' things. Just from doing something that took approximately 15 mins I utilised something I already had and monetised it. I was blown away when it worked. :o)

So, here is the bottom line. If you would like to make some extra easy cash from your existing skill set then go and take a look at David's Internet Marketing Course. The course is also backed with a money back guarantee so there is absolutely nothing to lose from trying it. The choice is yours!

So to finish - David, if you happen to be reading this, then thank you for creating your course - its wicked! :)

5 Visual Studio 2010 New Features You Will Find Handy

Below are five Visual Studio 2010 new features that I feel are excellent additions to the product. On the whole I don't think the release is a massive revamp (apart from the user interface being redeveloped using WPF). It is more an enhancement of what was there before with some nice bells and whistles added in.

1. Multiple Config Files

I think one of the handiest new features is the ability to have multiple configuration files for different deployments! I currently find it a massive pain in the ass to have to maintain or update the config based on the deployment - LIVE and DEV for example. It is so easy to miss something - especially if someone else is performing an update to an unfamiliar or inherited system.

2. Detachable Code Windows

The ability to drag code windows from the main Visual Studio Interface and onto another monitor for example. This means you can work on multiple code windows at once if you have more than one monitor! A great little productivity enhancement.

3. Variable Highlighting

On selecting a variable in your code all other instances of that variable are highlighted. This speeds up finding things and therefore readability.

4. Change Tracking

This is just like in Word when you switch on change tracking / revisions. If you make a change to an area of code you are given the solid line at the edge of the code window. This is very helpful to show you where any modifications have been made to code.

5. Historical Debugging

Historical debugging is a very nice feature! Switching it on will make things slower but if you are looking for a needle in a haystack when searching for a bug - especially if you were debugging events for example then this feature will prove invaluable.

What it basically does is record your execution path and call stack etc and if your program falls over you can simply go back through the recording to show what happened and where. This eliminates having to set breakpoints etc. and re-run the code. Nice!!

I am sure there are a ton more handy little tweaks but these are just 5 I have liked so far.

Visual Studio 2010 Download and Video Training

If you are like me and are itching to get hold of the Visual Studio 2010 download to get up to speed with all the new enhancements then below is the link you can follow to go and get it.

Visual Studio 2010 is still in BETA release so you could see some minor changes in the full release but if you are keen to get ahead of the game it will help you get up to speed before it hits the shelves.

If you are looking for some video training to help you get the most out of Visual Studio then I highly recommend you drop by Learn Visual Studio.Net and take a look through their latest videos covering Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4.0 (plus about 500 others to go at).

The LVS video training is top notch and if you have an iPhone like myself then you will be pleased to know they have also produced the videos in mp4 format that makes them perfect for small screens. Dead handy for making best use of that time on the bus or train!

Anyway... the download link - As of writing this post here is the latest Visual Studio 2010 Download. As I pointed out this is currently the BETA release.