Tuesday, 17 July 2007

LearnVisualStudio.net - Fantastic learning site

Ive added some link banners to the top of my blog for LearnVisualStudio.net. I cant recommend this site enough. If you are a complete novice or an intermediate with plenty of .net under your belt you will always find something on there. Its how i learnt .NET and helped me become the developer I am today.

The videos date all the way back to 1.1 and then upto current day technologies such as AJAX. The current learning path is hooked into gaining microsoft certification for the new exams. This is something i am working towards and for the price they charge compared to a microsoft course it is pheomenal value. The best £100 i ever spent. Its the price of a couple of books and as im a better visual learner than learning from a book i find them invaluable.

They also have private forums for the lifetime members and these are great - especially for beginners. Anything you ask in here will be met with respect and you can guarantee you wont be shot down in flames!

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