Sunday, 30 November 2008

Every now and then you come across something that totally rocks. Spotify is one of those things. If you have not seen it then go check it out!!! Its like itunes but you have an almost infinite record box/ full ipod!! Just type in who you want to listen to and up pops their entire discography. Type the song name and get it - stright away no messing. Click on the bands name and find al the albums they have appeared on.

Want to listen - click play. Easy as that. It so slick and smooth.

Want to setup play lists for parties etc.. no problems.

Want to listen to some random stuff no probs.

Want to listen to the radio from a certain era - its there.

And how much does it cost? Nada... bugger all! Its FREE gratis!! With the free version you do have adverts every now and then but I've had one ad in about 3 hours. This may increase as its gets more popular but you have the option to buy a premium membership for £10 per month for ad free tunage.

All in all its absolutely mint! Its quick and responsive and you can skip through the songs like they were on your hard drive.

10/10 from me! well done.

There are a few bands such as metallica that wont sign up to it but no worries - you can listen to them other ways - or buy their stuff but to be honest there ain't been many songs I've not been able to find up to now.

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