Thursday, 5 March 2009

Travis Rice That's It That's All

I am into snowboarding big time - just love it. Unfortuantely im miles from the mountains and get very little snow here (and no lifts!!). I get to go boarding once a year (twice im im lucky) and therefore in the meantime I hit the indoor slope at Xscape and watch boaridng videos.

I've just watched Travis Rice That's It That's All - Travis Rice's latest video, and all i can say is its amazing! What a video. Ive seen a lot of boarding films in my time but this one is truly awesome. After reading up about it, it has taken Travis 2 years to put it together and i can see why.

Everything from the scenery, the boarding and the music is outstanding. It is so well produced. It just makes you want to pack up and head for the mountains! :o)

He is obviously one talented individual who is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to snowboarding. With that however, comes priveledges like having a helicopter drop you in the most amazing virgin powder fields you can find.

He is one lucky talented son of a bitch! Very envious. Wish i could do half the things he pulls of in this vid.

Anyhow, if you love boarding then i strongly recommend you check this film out - you will not regret it. Ive just finished watching it and im already wanting to watch it over again! :o) Its that good. Travis Rice That's It That's All gets 10/10 from me - loved every minute of it.

If your in the US/Canada use this link to get to it:

If you are in the UK this is the amazon uk link:


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