Monday, 12 October 2009

My blog makes the mile high club!

I am blogging 35,000 feet above Chicago on my iphone using wifi internet on an american airlines flight to San Diego from Chicago. I must say its fantastic and its just like when you got to send your first ever email for some reason. Its a bit of a novelty but pretty soon I'm sure all planes will offer it. Best of all its free at the moment as a trial.

The price going forward looks to be $7.95. If i was on a long flight its deffo a great time killer to ease the boredom! This is the second part of our journey from the UK. I wish we had it coming over the pond! 8 hours is a drag.

I even tried a skype call. We managed a few words but it kept dropping out. Not to worry though because the Internet flies!

Off to try some YouTube streaming now!!! :-)

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