Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Learn How to Write an iPhone App the Easy Way

Learn How To Develop an iPhone App
Have you ever thought about writing an iPhone application? If so then today I came across an excellent how to write an iPhone app ebook that takes you through all the stages of developing an iPhone application from start to finish.

The Apple iPhone App Store and its Apps are one of the hottest things in early adoption technology at the moment. People have been making an absolute killing writing simple fun applications such as iFart (that simply makes a farting sound when you press a button) and achieving something half as popular would be amazing.

Just imaging coming up with a an idea for a very simple but fun app and you spend a few evenings putting it together and then get it uploaded to the app store. Two weeks later it gets a few mentions on some techy forums and before you know it the app has gone viral! It sells for 99c and you make a small amount for each sale but the sales are going crazy. Before you know it each of those little pieces is amounting to a nice little earner.

That is just a pipe dream but it shows what is possible with a good idea and a bit of luck. I am definitely going to get started on learning how to develop applications for the iPhone and the ebook looks to take away the pain of starting from scratch on your own.

I'll keep you posted how I get on with my iPhone app development and I will be making it one of my lifes challenges to get an application on the app store!

If you are starting out in iPhone development please leave me a message and let me know how you are getting on! I'd love to hear from you - good or bad.


Paul Dennis said...


How is this book going so far? I am very interested in leaning this as well, and would appreciate your input on what you've learned so far, and if it is well worth it.


Omen said...

Hi Paul,

Wish I could tell you dude! As you may have noticed the sparse updates on here lately i've been buried with a new silverlight project and have got a stack of learning to do which has forced me to put it on a back burner for a while.

Definitely going to come back to it though and give it a shot.

I had just started looking at getting my environment setup - because im on a pc not mac. I needed a VM with Leopard on it. Heard that some of the ones out there were really slow. Apparently this one had some tweaks done to it...

You may find it handy if you are on PC yourself... Not sure if its legit or what as im not up on Mac and VMWare licensing so im just showing you what i found on the net ok!

That book is for sale on clickbank so is backed by a 100% 60 day money back guarantee if you dont find it useful so if you think its sound useful give it a bash. As ive never done C or worked on macs it will take a lot of the guess work out for me and its pretty cheap v a book.

When i do eventually start i plan on dong some vids and i'll stick them on here.

Let me know how you get on if you have a go yourself! It will probably be after xmas for me now.

Chris said...

Hi Omen - new to this - just wondering if you need a Mac / Mac programming environment for any development, or if tools exist for Windows PC? Is there an iphone simulator that runs on a PC for testing?

Anonymous said...

I am very keen in learning how to develop applications for the iPhone.When you post info about that?Is it helpful for the people who are not engage with development?

Omen said...

@Chris - Hi Mate, you will need a virtual machine running leopard (Mac OS). I posted a link to one in a previous comment but it seems to have been taken down now.

I will let you know if i come across another.

@Anonymous - I hope to do some blog posts in the near future about my learning experiences - i am just a little tied up in other projects at the moment.