Monday, 20 April 2009

Facebook Phishing/SPOOF site alert - FaceBook Staff sent you a message

I received an email allegedly from "facebook staff" today saying they had sent me a message - along with the usual login to view your message.

Without thinking twice i clicked the link which too me to a facebook login page. I then noticed it wasn't on the facebook URL so straight away realised it was a phishing site.

I am used to simply ignoring Bank scams but this is the first facebook scam email I've had so was a little off guard. Luckily i didnt enter my details as i spotted the url. I think the first thing that made me double check is my email wasn't in the login box.

So beware people!!!!!! I have forwarded the email to facebook abuse so they can take it up.

Here is the email so you can see how it goes:

FaceBook Staff sent you a message.

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

This message was intended for FaceBook Staff. Want to control which emails you receive from Facebook? Go to:
Facebook's offices are located at 156 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301.

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