Tuesday, 7 April 2009

How to add a Blogger Adsense Policy - Googles new Privacy Policy T&Cs

On April 8th 2009 if you are running Adsense on your blog (or any website come javascript:void(0)to that) you will need to have updated your Blogger Adsense Policy.

If you are running Adsense on your website and do not have a Privacy Policy you are contravening Googles Terms and Conditions and risk having your account terminated.

They are not hard to put together and i got mine from Jensense.com which is a great blog about adsense.

The easiest way would be to take my privacy policy from here and tailor it your site. Its a two minute job.

What a lot of people have trouble with is knowing how to add a privacy policy to a blogger blog. Blogger isnt like Wordpress where you can add pages so you have to be a little more clever.

Heres how to do it:

1. Open my adsense policy from here here.
2. Copy and paste it into notepad.
3. Search and replce my url and replace it with yours.
4. Create a new post on your blog and paste it in.
5. Go to the post options at the bottom of the post window.
6. Set the date and time to before your first post date - i went for 01/01/01 00:00.
7. Add a tag called Privacy Policy
8. Submit the post.
9. Go to the blog categories and select the Privacy policy category.
10. This will display the post.
11. Click on the header to open the single post up.
12. Copy the url.

Now we are going to create a new area on your blog.

1. Go to the customize page on your blog.
2. Add a new HTML block to the top right of your blog (or wherever you want to place it.
3. Give it the title Privacy Policy.
4. Add an anchor for the post by clicking on the link button.
5. Add the url to the popup (you may get a popup warning so enable popups and repeat)
6. Now edit the anchor ('A' html tag) to give it the title of your blogs privacy policy like this:

<a href="full url to post here">omensblog privacy policy</a>

(i have had to change the URL to get it to fit - you should insert your post url here)

Now save and view. Clicking on the privacy policy will now take you to your privacy policy post.

Easy peazy.

Not doing this isnt worth getting kicked off the adsense program - especially if you make some good money from it!


Honest Contrarian ("HC") said...

Thanks for the instructions, very helpful!

Roma said...

This was just what I needed. I knew about the privacy policy but just didn't really I needed it on blogspot as well and had it as a post at the bottom of the blog. So thanks for this - appreciated.

Omen said...

I was the same Roma - I thought because it was already google you didnt need one! Glad a realised you did.

Glad it helped you out.

SlipandFallLawyer said...

Thanks Omen, instructions were very helpful. Just what I needed.

KeciahB said...

Thanks a million this was really helpful.

waiyi said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! Now I have privacy policy now!! Hopefully, I would get approved from adsense soon.