Monday, 22 June 2009

Make Blogger Title More SEO Friendly

I was looking at some of the results from my blog in the search engines and noticed that owing to the length of my title the title pf the posts were simply not being displayed - hence probably not getting as many click throughs as it could.

I therefore had a search around and found the variables for setting descriptions etc from within blogger. If you look at my blog now you will notice that on the main URL it gives you the title but when you are viewing a post it gives you the title of the post!

This should make things stand out much better in the search engine results.

So here is the code you need to edit:

1. Go to the Edit HTML page from the layout tab in Blogger.
2. Look for the following in the header (should be very close to the top):

3. Now replace it with the following:

Job Done! It will now be interesting to see if I get an increase in traffic and possible ranking. If I do I will post about it.


website optimization said...

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cough home remedies said...

Thank you very much for this great tip. I have changed my blog to SEO friendly titles. Now it is showing each post title at the title bar.
Thanks again man

UberToast said...

I am using Blogger to manage my blog, but am hosting it on my own site, thus my blog isn't able to take advantage of a good number of blogger tweaks I have read about. This appears to be one of them. I added your solution to my blog template and had Blogger re-publish to my site... on the main page my site title is displayed as expected, but on the individual blog entry pages "" is shown. Any thoughts / suggestions on correcting this?

renra cikatos said...

a nice tips for blogger...