Friday, 19 June 2009

Streaming MP4 to XBOX360

I you want stream MP4 video to your XBOX360 via Windows Media Player sharing I discovered when you browse to the folder with your MP4 files they dont appear as playable formats.

I found if you change the extension to AVI and then play part of the file in Wondows Media Player (this checks you have the right codecs etc) the video will appear and be streamed to your XBOX360.

You will probably have to back out of the menus on your XBOX360 (go back to the videos menu) and go back in to the folder first. The file list is then refreshed.

You can now stream MP4 files to your XBOX360! :o)


Anonymous said...

Or you use PlayOn and LocalFiles plugin and get every video file possible, of course you'd have to pay 39.99

Omen said...

39.99 or change the file extension? I'll stick with the free option! :o)

Its a shame the xbox doesnt just try and play anything with a video type extension and see if it has the correct codec etc..

Thanks for your comments.

XionTawa said...

Thank you!!!